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Hi, my name is Hana


My family and I have been receiving BodyTalk sessions since 2004. 

The changes in our health we have seen over the years are phenomenal. 

Experiencing profound health improvements in myself and my family empowered me to set out on a journey to share my passion for BodyTalk with you.

I am very excited to be a BodyTalk Student, working toward my certification. 

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What is BodyTalk


BodyTalk is a simple yet effective non-invasive form of energy healing that helps rebalance the body's systems for optimum health.

Good health can only be achieved when all body parts and systems work in a synchronized harmonious way. 

Using the body's own inborn intuition to heal, BodyTalk restores under-performing systems bringing back the balance necessary for healthy living. 

Who can benefit


Anyone can benefit from regular BodyTalk sessions - children, babies, adults, seniors, pregnant women

BodyTalk addresses the root cause of ailments, disorders or symptoms brought on by stress of daily life. 

Some examples are: colic, asthma, allergies, fears and phobias, ear or sinus infections, digestive disorders, chronic pain and injuries, anxiety, depression. The list goes on......

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How it works

Session Pricing

Enjoy introductory prices at 50% off regular session price for a limited time. no limits. prices are subject to change without notice. GST not included.


Contact me today to schedule a session or to find out more on how BodyTalk can benefit you and your loved ones.

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